Sugaring Wax in London

Sugaring Wax offered by Sheer Bliss London comforts our customers due to less pain and less hair breakage.

sugaring wax in london

Sugaring Wax Prices in London

Services  Prices
Sugaring Full Leg £50
Sugaring 1/2 Leg £40
Sugaring Bikini Line £20

Sugaring Full Leg + Bikini Line

Sugaring 3/4 Leg £45
Sugaring Brazilian £50
Sugaring 3/4 Bikini £50
Sugaring Hollywood £50
Sugaring Buttocks £20
Sugaring Perianal £20
Sugaring Back Wax £35
Sugaring Chest Wax £40
Sugaring Shoulder Wax £20
Sugaring Full Back & Shoulder £55
Sugaring 1/2 Back & Shoulder £45
Sugaring Forearm £25
Sugaring Full Arm £35
Sugaring Under Arm £15
Sugaring Neck Wax £15
Sugaring Tummy £30
Sugaring Face Wax £25
Sugaring Chin Wax £10
Sugaring Lip Wax £6
Sugaring Lip & Chin £14

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F.A.Q about Sugaring Wax in London

How much does sugaring wax cost in London?

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How long does sugaring last the first time??

Sheer Bliss London offers sugaring wax services. You can get hair removal services at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees and assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

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