Highlights and Balayage in London

In Sheer Bliss London, with its professional team and affordable prices in London, you can differentiate your hair color with highlighting and balayage without completely changing it.

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Highlights and Balayage Prices in London

Services Starting From
Tints (Full Head) £70
Tints (Roots) £40
Partial Highlights £60
Per Foil £10
Toners £30
Balayage £150
Keratin Treatment £120
Conditioning Treatment £20
INOA Ammonia Free Tint  (£5 extra)

Best Highlights and Balayage Services in London

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F.A.Q about Highlight and Balayage in London

How much does a highlight and balayage cost in London?

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Can you get a highlight and balayage in London?

Sheer Bliss London offers highlight and balayage services. You can find the hairstyles that are right for you at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees and assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

Highlights and Balayage Services in London

When you want to change and renew your hair, you do not have to dye all of your hair. First of all, you are able to add highlights and balayage according to your own preference and style and add vitality to your hair. You are able to make the hair strands shine naturally and distinctly, and you also can have healthy hair. In this technique, which is done professionally by hairdressers, your hair is divided into small tufts and then dyed with luminous hair colors that can be compatible with your own hair color. These highlights should be very soft toned, not tiring on the eyes, and have tones that will suit your skin. As an example, if you have auburn hair color, some bright yellow colors are able to be used as an intermediate color for your style. Even if you have more brown hair color, ashy blond or little golden yellow tones are the colors that will suit you.

Professional Highlights and Balayage in London

Sheer Bliss London Beauty Salon always works with quality and professional products. The radiant look you want for your hair will be presented to you by our professional and experienced hairdressers. Besides, the trick to giving this sparkling look is that the paints used are of good quality and usefulness. As well as, if you use cheap and simple products, your hair may burn in tufts and this may lead to hair loss. But working with professional places will both highlight your beauty and contribute to the healthy growth of your hair.

Highlights and Balayage for Women

A lot of women like to make their hair shine and look shiny these days. Highlights and balayage are able to greatly affect your look and mood. The important and significant thing is to work with a professional place because the highlights should look as natural as possible. Hair glitters with certain dye parts will not look very nice and will create a waste of time. Moreover, Sheer Bliss London, one of the professional beauty salons always, is able to provide you with the natural hair designs you need. Especially if the hair of a women with short hair looks dull and voluminous, you are able to suddenly raise the general mood of your hair with a few pieces of sparkle.

Best Highlights and Balayage in London

You are able to get the hair shine you want in our beauty salon, which is located in London and is very popular. Thanks to Sheer Bliss London quality, you are able to get these sparkles in the same day. Furthermore, the average finish time will vary depending on the overall length of your hair and the amount of shine desired, but after about three hours you will be looking at another woman in the mirror. The length and shortness of your hair do not matter, and this process is able to be done according to the desired dye. Or even your curly hair is able to also shine in the appropriate tone you want and create a different style for yourself.

Best Price for Highlights and Balayage in Dalston

All kinds of hair treatments, especially the process of making the hair shine, are done at very affordable prices in our beauty salon. Moreover, the highest quality and durable materials are used and the best quality service is provided to you. Instead of looking for the best hairdresser near me, you are able to watch our services on our Sheer Bliss London web page and decide on the procedure you want to have done. In addition to these, you will also like these economical prices and you will always choose us.

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