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Gel nails

Gel Nails Prices in London

Services Prices
Gel Manicure £30
Gel Pedicure £45
Manicure & Pedicure £68
Gel Shape + Polish £25
Luxury Gel Manicure £39
Luxury Gel Pedicure £50
Luxury Gel Manicure & Pedicure £80
Removal £10
Removal & Re-application £30
Repair Shellac £4
Soak-off Acrylic £25
IBX Nail Strengthening £20
Callus Peel (£10 when added to treatment) £25
Collagen Gloves / Socks (£5 when added to treatment) £10
Parafin Wax (£15 when added to treatment) £25

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F.A.Q about Gel Nails in London

How much do gel nails usually cost in London?

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Can you get gel nails in London?

Sheer Bliss London offers gel nails services. You can get gel nails at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees and assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

Gel Nail Services in London

Gel nails are one of the most preferred prosthetic nail applications recently. Nails are softened after they are soaked in water. As a result of yellowing on the nails, the growth of the nails is slowed down. Gel nail applications harden the nails, which prevents them from breaking. 

Since gel nails are made by experts, they make the nails look harder and more well-groomed. Gel nails are among the most preferred prosthetic nails. You can easily get this service from our beauty center called Sheer Bliss in London with the devoted work of our expert staff.

Professional Gel Nails in London

For the gel nail care, four weeks must pass after the procedure. If you use your nails carefully after the gel nail process, you can have well kept gel nails for about six months. It is very difficult for those who want to remove it later at home. For this reason, it is easier to remove gel nails where they are done. Sheer Bliss offers you the best quality service both during the procedure and extraction phase.

Since the gel structure is not a quick-drying substance on its own, it is dried with special radiation methods. After the gel is left to dry with the help of special rays, a long nail form is given to the tips of the nails. In the final stage, the gel is applied to the entire nail. After the nail tips are at the same level as the other parts, the filing process is started. All surfaces of the nail should be filed carefully.

Gel Nails for Women in London

One of the biggest advantages of making gel nails is that the nails look well-groomed and beautiful. As long as they are not exposed to any impact, they do not have a structure that breaks easily. It ensures that the nail polishes applied to the nails last for a long time. When you compare acrylic nails with gel nails, you will see that gel nails have a thinner structure.

Best Gel Nails in London

While getting gel nails done, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene and cleaning, as in the process of acrylic nails. If hygiene is not taken care of, it causes nail problems. They tend to have a more delicate structure when made thin. In this situation, nails with acrylic nail polish break more quickly than in other operations.

You should be careful when making or removing Gel Nails. If care is not taken, it causes some damage to the nails. As Sheer Bliss London beauty center, we will earn your satisfaction by welcoming you in the best way.

Best Price for Gel Nails in Dalston

Prosthetic nail applications should be done by experts and professionals. There are many different prices in the market, but since it must be done with quality and hygienic products, it is possible to vary in price. For detailed information about gel nail procedures, you can contact Sheer Bliss beauty center and benefit from advantageous opportunities.

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