Make-Up in London

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Make-Up Prices in London


(Pre-treatment patch test required for first-time clients)

Eyebrow Tint (Patch test: 24 hours prior) £12.50
Eyelash Tint (Patch test: 24 hours prior)  £13.50
Lash&Brow Tint (Patch test: 24 hours prior) £22
HD Brows (Patch test: 24 hours prior) £37
LVL Natural Lash Lift (Patch test: 48 hours prior) £50

Make-Up Services in London

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Check out what clients say about make-up in London

Kay Asfaw
Kay Asfaw
Been coming here for years and they have always been professional and accommodating. Glad they have survived the changes that are happening in dalston.
Eleanor Conroy
Eleanor Conroy
Anna is the world’s best and all the team here are super friendly and helpful.
Nigel Greene
Nigel Greene
Staff are always lovely and the salon always immaculate. I’ve been visiting for years and will continue to do so.
This was my first ever waxing experience and Nermin made me feel comfortable, reassured me and was very friendly. The process was rather painless and quick! I would definitely become a regular customer just because of the magnificent service/treatment which I received from her. She is experienced and great at her job.
Siobelle Rowe
Siobelle Rowe
Always a great experience going to see Salime! So friendly and professional 5 stars!
Nanny Ajenusi
Nanny Ajenusi
An all-round good experience for me. I am usually reluctant to enter into this sort of environment, but here everyone was so friendly I quite forgot my fears. Thank you all!
Giulia Cirina
Giulia Cirina
Top service as always. I will always come back to have Anna take care of my Nails and hands - highly recommended

F.A.Q about Make-up in London

How much does make-up cost in London?

You can reach us for more information about our services.

How can you make a make-up appointment in London?

Sheer Bliss London offers make-up services. You can get the make-up that is right for you at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees and assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

Make-up Artists in London

Nowadays, almost a lot of women wear make-up and this has become a daily life. Thanks to both the increasing variety of make-up materials and affordable products, every woman does not even spend a day without make-up. In particular, you are able to have a professional make-up done on special invitation days, events or events such as weddings, apart from your daily life. You are able to also safely have this service done at our sheer bliss London beauty salon in the highest quality way. In addition to this, you are able to choose our salon not only for special occasions, but also for daily make-up. With light skin make-up and nude tones in general, we are also able to provide you with the appropriate style of make-up.

Professional Make-up in London

Professional make-up materials are used in our sheer bliss London beauty salon. Thanks to these quality and branded products, your make-up will remain intact throughout the day. As well as, meticulousness is very important to us. For this reason, make-up brushes are cleaned regularly and changed frequently. Make-up materials are actually special tools specific to the person. Paints and brushes used by everyone should definitely not be applied to you. We do our best to protect your skin health and we work for you in a professional environment with our expert staff.

Make-up for Women

Sheer bliss London plans the best make-up for you ahead of time. Not every make-up style is suitable for every woman, because we all have very different hair colors and skin textures. First of all, your face analysis should be done. And it should be decided which colors will be used predominantly. If you have light hair and a yellow skin tone, brown and orange tones may be your favourite color. On the contrary, if your hair is browner or darker, your eyes can be brought to the fore. Sheer bliss London thinks about all these steps for you and then starts the process. If the face analysis is not done correctly, you may show your own face differently, which is an undesirable result. On top of that, some putty applications are able to be made on your face. You are able to make your forehead look narrower or wider depending on your request. Or, we are able to make your nose structure look different with appropriate and true make-up painting techniques.

Best Make-up in London

If you are looking for make-up and a natural look that will suit your face in London, you are able to apply to the sheer bliss London beauty salon near me. Make-up is an art made to your face and should be applied to you by real artists, that is, by experts in this business. Sheer bliss London always puts on make-up with quality brand products and analyzes and works on the look that suits you best. Using the wrong techniques of make-up is a disadvantage for you, and you may also have been exposed to so many chemicals on your face unnecessarily. It does not provide permanent cleaning just by removing make-up. For this reason, we prefer to proceed with the right steps and in this way, we offer you the least damage that can be done to your skin. The facial cleaning materials we use before make-up first prepare your face for the make-up process and then we try to protect your face from the chemicals we will use with a quality make-up base.

Best Price for Make-up in Darlston

Sheer bliss London has prepared affordable prices for every woman to benefit from make-up. You are able to get the necessary information about the services we provide on our web page and you are able to have a professional helper about make-up. Furthermore, with our very economical prices, you are able to choose us for both your daily make-up and make-up for special occasions.

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