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Dermapen treatment is a clinically proven system which works using a handheld stamping device to penetrate the skin in order to create vertical channels, which SheerBliss London is the best at!


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Sheer Bliss London offers dermapen treatments. You can find the dermapen treatment that is right for you at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees, assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

Dermapen Treatment in London

Dermapen, called Collagen Induction Therapy, is a method used for wrinkles, spots, and skin sagging on the skin. Dermapen provides cell mobility by stimulating the skin with micro-needling. It aims to increase the amount of collagen that decreases with age, depending on cell renewal.

Dermapen is applied to various places such as the face, neck, breast, and upper hand. It creates a visible difference in a short time. Dermapen treatment, which is a dermatological treatment, should be applied by specialist physicians. Experienced physicians working in the Sheer Bliss London beauty salon have been successfully applying the Dermapen procedure for years.

Professional Dermapen Treatment in London

The application process for Dermapen requires professionalism. Before the application, patients are taken for dermatological evaluation. It is determined whether the skin type of the person is suitable for Dermapen or not. Then, the skin serums needed by the person and the number of Dermapen sessions are decided. Professional salons such as Sheer Bliss apply the treatment. Visible changes occur from the second session and the treatment usually lasts up to six weeks.

After the application, it is seen that the skin brightness increase, wrinkles and spots decrease. Sterilization of the micro needles used during the application is extremely important. Dermapen, which should be applied by specialist doctors, is among the anti-aging treatments. Sheer Bliss customers are made aware of what needs to be considered after Dermapen. In this way, the risk of any complications after the treatment is prevented.

Dermapen Treatment for Women in London

Dermapen is a skin treatment that is generally preferred by women. It is done for the removal of wrinkles that occur in the face, neck, and breast area with age. In addition, it is applied to remove sun spots, acne scars, or postpartum skin spots due to the sun. Dermapen treatments, which provide a visible change after a few sessions, protects the skin against aging. Performing sessions with the frequency recommended by the doctor increase the success of the treatment. 

Sheer Bliss London stands by its valuable patients by providing a professional service throughout the treatment process. After the Dermapen application, people can easily continue their daily lives. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, patients should protect themselves from the sun after the application. In addition, it is not recommended to wear make-up for a certain time.

The Best Dermapen Treatment in London

Beauty salons or medical aesthetic clinics can perform Dermapen treatment. It should be done by a dermatologist or a doctor. Providing the necessary sterile conditions is extremely important for the health of the person. Sheer Bliss London beauty salon provides all the necessary tools for Dermapen application.

The micro-needles are made of high-quality materials and affect the success of the treatment. The quality of the anesthetic cream applied to the application area minimizes the feeling of pain that may be felt during the procedure. After Dermapen, serums containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals should be applied as the skin pores become clear. As Sheer Bliss London beauty salon, all the materials required for the Dermapen process are high-tech.

The Best Price for Dermapen Treatment in Dalston

Dermapen application prices vary according to the application area, the number of sessions, and the lotion to be used during the application. The number of sessions is determined depending on the severity of the skin problem. 

In line with the skin type and its needs, the serum to be used after the application is decided by the physician. In this way, precise information about the price of the treatment process is obtained.

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