Hair Colouring in London

Sheer Bliss London provides you with the best hair colouring service such as balayage, partial highlights and keratin treatment that makes your hair soft with our professional hair stylist team in London with affordable prices.

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Hair Colouring Prices in London

Services Starting From
Tints (Full Head) £70
Tints (Roots) £40
Partial Highlights £60
Per Foil £10
Toners £30
Balayage £150
Keratin Treatment £120
Conditioning Treatment £20
INOA Ammonia Free Tint  (£5 extra)

Best Hair Colouring Services in London

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F.A.Q about Hair Colouring in London

How much does it cost to colour your hair in London?

You can reach us for more information about our services.

Can you colour your hair in London?

Sheer Bliss London offers hair colouring services. You can find the hairstyles that are right for you at the most affordable and ideal prices with our experienced employees and assistants and high-quality salon beauty products in Sheer Bliss London.

Hair Colouring Services in London

All women pay a lot of attention to their hair appereance. If there is one important step that comes before hairstyling, it is naturally the appearance and color of your hair. The most suitable hair colour is specific to the style of your hair. If you have skin with a little dark undertone, black tones and red toned hair colours will also suit you. On the other hand, if you have a light skin tone and your skin tone is more close to yellow, shimmering auburn and brown hair color tones will add luminosity and vitality to your face. Another example is that if your skin undertone is whiter and you have a cool skin color, you can give a chance to all colors, provided that you do not choose too many dark tones.

Professional Hair Colouring in London

You can also find the professional hair cutting service you need at Sheer Bliss London. Thanks to experienced employees and assistants, haircuts can now look great on you. In addition to this, with all the quality salon beauty products used here, we can give your hair the necessary care. You can make your hair look healthier by cutting it according to your facial features. You can also save time by trying the hairstyles that will allow you to shape it while drying after washing.

Thanks to high-quality scissors, you will realize that it is not an ordinary cutting model. Because unsuitable or dull scissors will easily damage your hair and will also make it difficult for you to style your hair. Thanks to the use of professional equipment and tools, you will be able to feel the effect of a professional hairdresser both on the first day of your haircut and in the months when your hair starts to grow.

Hair Colouring for Women in London

Women often have a lot of thoughts about their hair and hairstyles which may be affected by bad choices. In order to prevent this, we think about this issue for you. We think and style the most suitable haircuts for you, especially considering your profession and lifestyle. Women who generally prefer wet cuts can also give a chance to dry cut hairstyles. In order to decide on this issue, the structure and the thickness of your hair strands will play an important role. You can get rid of your damaged hair immediately and get modern cuts.

The Best Hair Colouring in London

Our Sheer Bliss salon will be the best quality and safe place you can choose for hair colouring in London. You will love our salon, which offers high-quality service for the color of your hair. Sometimes it is not enough to use only quality dye for hair. The products used before the dyeing processes are also of very high quality for the health of your hair. After the dyeing process is completed, you need to daily use hair conditioners and shampoos. In this way, you can use your hair color brightly for long periods.

The Best Price for Hair Colouring in Dalston

You do not need to search for the most suitable and affordable prices for hair dyeing because Sheer Bliss is very close to you. You can review our web page and quickly see our care and quality hair dyes. Moreover, not only hair dyes but also all tools used during dyeing are of very high quality.

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