Top 7 Autumn Skin Care Tips 

Autumn has arrived, and the weather changes have started. With the weather changes, you should make changes in your skincare routines. You should switch your skincare routines every season. The needs of your skin can change every season. Therefore, knowing your skin needs helps you have healthy and bright skin in all seasons. For autumn, here are the top 7 autumn skin care tips you need to know.

Hydrate Your Skin 

Dry air means dry skin. The weather is colder and drier when humidity levels drop in the winter, which makes your skin drier. If your skin gets dry, then your skin will produce more sebum to compensate, which results in breakouts. We recommend you hydrate your skin to avoid this dryness problem and its result in autumn.

Top 7 Autumn Skin Care Tips 

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly and Carefully 

One of the top 7 autumn skin care tips is to exfoliate. To have healthy skin during autumn, exfoliate your skin routinely. Since our skin sheds after summer, it can look drier. Dead skin cells are removed through exfoliation, revealing the underlying smoother and more radiant skin. The critical factor is to exfoliate carefully. How often you need to exfoliate depends on your skin type, and pay attention to only exfoliating what your skin needs. 

Change Your Moisturiser to a Thicker Moisturiser 

Using moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and stops it from drying out. When humidity increases in warmer weather, you usually need a light moisturiser; however, when the weather starts to get colder, you need a thicker moisturiser. Since the decreasing humidity levels lead to drier air, you should use a thicker moisturiser.

Use SPF 

If you do not use sunscreen, we recommend you start using it immediately. Even if the weather is starting to get colder or not very sunny in the autumn, UV rays are still present, and that is why using sunscreen will protect your skin from UV rays. Using sunscreen prevents your skin from ageing and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Get a Facial Treatment 

Another autumn skin care yip is getting a facial treatment that your skin deserves. Facial treatments slow ageing and make your skin healthier, brighter, and smoother. To get a facial treatment, we recommend you check our website. As Sheer Bliss, we offer HydraFacial and Guinot Facial. HydraFacial Treatment is an anti-ageing care method, and it protects the moisture balance of your skin by minimising external effects. Similarly, Guinot Facial uses the skin care techniques most effective for your skin’s demands and has the following results: hydrating, purifying, stimulating, and decongesting. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, helps your skin to breathe, and makes skin care products penetrate the skin effectively.

Top 7 Autumn Skin Care Tips 

Use Vitamin C 

If you want to keep your summer glow during the colder seasons, using vitamin C will help to achieve this. It also helps to improve and brighten your skin. Your skin is exposed to more UV rays throughout the summer, which is harmful, primarily if you have not used sunscreen. Vitamin C will help cure the damage and boost the skin’s natural radiance. 

Watch your Diet 

One important autumn skin care tip is paying attention to what you consume. What you eat or drink in autumn is vital because it can affect your skin even if you think that you take good care of your skin. In autumn, we tend to drink less water, which can affect our skin’s hydration levels. Besides, we tend to drink more coffee during autumn. If you consume more than you need, it causes breakouts. That is why we recommend you be careful about what you consume during autumn.

Be Ready for Autumn 

You can prepare your skin for autumn with these autumn skincare tips we told you about. During seasonal changes, our skin gets affected by these changes. What our skin needs during summer is different from what our skin needs during winter, and it is better for us to be aware of these things. 

We have shared some autumn skin care tips that can help you during autumn with you. With these autumn skin care tips, you will also have healthy, vivid, and bright skin in autumn. If you do not apply these autumn skin care tips, you may face skin problems such as dryness, breakouts, and acne. Book a HydraFacial or Guinot Facial for extra skin glow-up now. You can check out our website or visit our Sheer Bliss beauty center in London for more information. 

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