Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

On hot summer days, our sensitive skin is exposed to a lot of negative rays of the sun abundantly and directly. And the moisturizers we use daily may not be enough sometimes because of the density of the sun lights.

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken into account in order to avoid dryness on our face. In this article, we will talk about summer skin care tips for you and you are able to safely get the highest quality skin care and beauty services like waxing london or make-up london in our Sheer Bliss London beauty salon in London and able to also add both glow and health to your skin easily in our centre.

1. Summer Skin Care Tips: Avoid Peeling

First of all, let’s highlight the skin type as summer skin care tips. We are able to talk about how skin care should be done especially in the summer months. While doing skin care in the hot summer months, you are able to avoid the intense and continuous peeling process.

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

Or you should not apply deep skin peeling process. This type of deep skin cleansing is able to bring you sunspots, which can lead to an undesirable result. You always should prefer enough process for your skin cleanness with special and well qualified skin products.

2. Summer Skin Care Tips: Moisture Your Skin

Secondly, for your summer skin care type, you are able to spend your holidays in months that will be beneficial for your skin. In other words, you are able to benefit from moisture masks or moisturizing processes with the help of professionals before being exposed to intense sun.

Besides, we do not even recommend you to go on vacation without completing anti-aging treatments. It will be the right decision for you to take the necessary precautions before being exposed to this sun, as the hurts become deeper due to the sun.

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

If you prefer according to your skin type, you are able to benefit from needle-moisturizing procedures by our experts in our professional beauty salon. Thanks to these sessions, your skin is protected from dehydration and you can enjoy the sun in a healthy way.

3. Summer Skin Care Tips: Protect Your Skin with SunScreen

Thirdly, another one of the summer skin care tips will be effective and well qualified sunscreens and their proper use. We need to be protected with high-quality sunscreens with high protection, this fact is now known.

If you need to put on make-up on summer days, you should also apply sunscreen to your face and decollete, which will be exposed. Afterward, it will be in your best interest to apply light makeup on your clean face.

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

Moreover, to increase the effects of these sunscreens, you should use them half an hour before sun exposure. In this way, your cream is easily absorbed on your face and effectively protects your skin from harmful sun rays like a shield. Although sunscreens can protect you, their effects may be reduced by substances such as sweat and water.

Therefore, between 2 and 3 hours, you are able to easily eat your sunscreen and make your skin radiant. Therefore, sun cream is a perfect product for your future skin.

4. Summer Skin Care Tips: Benefits of Sea Salt

Next, another one of the summer skin care tips is the benefits of sea water. As it is known, sea waters have a very salty structure. This clean salt water softens your skin and is able to make it look radiant. This salt water nourishing your skin is also good for body acne and minor rashes and helps them heal easily. Furthermore you should be very careful with the seas and beaches you go to in the summer. Clean seas give shine to his body and clean it.

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

But on the other hand, in places exposed to the bad air and water of the city, your body cannot heal and you may even see inflammation. Another example we can give to summer skin care tips is pool water. The quality of air water is also very important for your body.

Pools should be cleaned regularly and adequately. In addition, the chemicals used during pool cleaning should be rinsed well afterward because your body should not come into contact with various chemicals. Such substances can dry your skin and cause it to fall off. Your need for hydration may increase considerably. Beyond these, the chlorine level of the water used in the pool is also very important. And there should be no level levers that can affect your body.

5. Summer Skin Care Tips: Daily Facial Care Routine is Significant

Lastly but not least, another one of the summer skin care tips is the order of daily faces cares. If you have oily skin, especially in the summer months, you may not notice the oiliness in your skin after further increasing the oil rate. As a result of this, spots and acne will occur on your skin after the holiday.

Top 5 Summer Skin Care Tips

To avoid this situation, you should not skip both morning and evening facial cleansing procedures. First, clean your face with a tonic and then you can use your moisturizing face wash gel. Apart from this, if you are used to washing your face with the nourishing and moisturizing solid soaps, you can use them. After these cleaning and rinsing processes, you can dry your face with disposable paper towels.

Afterwards, do not forget to use your moisturizing creams before going out in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening. Keep some moisturizer on your face and don’t forget to use your sunscreen with high protection right after it is sufficiently absorbed, so that you shine with health all day long.


To sum up, in this article, we have reviewed and listed 5 summer skin care tips that are generally considered basic for women. It is also very important to protect your body health while enjoying the sun in the summer.

Thanks to Sheer Bliss London services, it is possible for you to receive safe and effective service in our beauty salon. First of all, check us out on our website and you can read the explanations in detail. Afterwards, you can easily and quickly benefit from our services for the subjects you are looking for and need.

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