Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides

How To Have A Beautiful Skin For Your Wedding 

Weddings are precious moments in life. Therefore, every bride will try to prepare for this great event as best as possible.

For your wedding, you want to look great. For that,  you should think about your skin. To make sure it looks perfect on your big day, all you need to do is to learn a few beauty tips and follow the special wedding beauty tips.

On the day of the wedding, we want to be the most beautiful. And, it is necessary to take care of our skin. For this, it is important to work long term. The ideal way to have beautiful skin is to have started taking care of it months before.

But don’t worry, with the advice of our experts, your skin will be perfect for your wedding! In this article, we will go through pre-wedding skin care tips for brides.

Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides


Preparation To Have A Beautiful Skin For Your Wedding

In addition to the hustle and bustle of preparing for her wedding, the bride must also take care of herself so that she can look beautiful and radiant on her big day. Here are some pre-wedding beauty tips for brides.

How To Prepare The Face Before The Wedding

The preparation of the skin is done in two steps. The first one at home, one month before the wedding, by following these steps:

• A scrub and a mask once a week
• Moisturizing cream during the day
• Cream for the radiance of the complexion in the evening
• Moisturizing serum to boost hydration, because well-hydrated skin catches the light better

The second step is in a beauty salon, two to three weeks before the wedding: exfoliation, moisturizing care, and purity care.

Prepare Your Body Before The Wedding

The face is of course essential, but you must not forget the skin on your body, especially if your wedding dress is short. Here are the things you can do for your body:

Body scrub once a week
• A moisturizer once a day
• In case of folliculitis of the legs, keratosis pilaris or thick heels, prefer a hydrating cream
• In case of sun exposure: apply sun cream on the upper part of the body to avoid strap marks or on the neckline.

Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides


What Foods Should I Choose To Have Beautiful Skin?

Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Use foods rich in antioxidants: carrots, oranges, green vegetables (vitamin A). Also consume hazelnuts, almonds, wheat germ oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, avocados, which contain essential fatty acids.

Finally, do not forget the good animal fat! The one found in fatty fish in particular, in the form of omega 3. Thus, these foods contribute to have a moisturized, toned and elastic skin with a healthy glow.

Preparing Your Skin For Your Wedding: The Essentials

What Can You Do For Your Skin Before The Wedding?

The most important thing is to clean your skin well:

In the morning, use a micellar water to refresh yourself. It removes excess sebum and sweat from the night. Next, moisturize. It is essential to choose a cream adapted to your skin type.

For the evening, the program is more or less the same: Opt for a micellar water that cleanses and removes makeup. In addition to gently removing your makeup, it cleans your face. Then finish with your moisturizing night cream.

Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides

Your Beauty Program One Week Before The Wedding

Here is the program you can follow a week before the wedding:

• Gentle care to moisturize the skin and prevent facial redness
• A mini face and neckline treatment at home to guarantee a luminous complexion
• A gentle scrub
• Thermal water compresses
• A soothing and moisturizing mask
• Do not forget to moisturize your lips, hands and feet
• In case of pimples, apply a localized care product, it will dry out locally but will not cause irritation

Should You Adopt The Layering Method For Your Wedding?

You can follow the layering method before your wedding. But be careful, the quantities of products must be reduced in order not to have an oily, sticky or fluffy effect. Especially on the big day, because the make-up would not hold well otherwise.

Here are the layering steps to follow on your wedding day:

• Facial cleansing with a gentle soap-free gel, to be rinsed off
• A thermal micellar lotion to soothe and perfect the make-up removal and eliminate any residue after the gel
• Application of a fluid serum concentrated in active ingredients
• A cream with a more or less rich texture
• The eye contour will be a separate area to be treated with adapted products, lighter in texture and more minimalist in terms of composition

Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides

Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding: Last Minute Tips
How To Prepare Your Skin For The Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, it will be necessary to follow some rules to have a perfect skin. Here is the program you can follow:

• A compress of thermal water to soothe and relax the face (better than a moisturizing mask because, as seen previously, the skin should not be overloaded with cream for better makeup hold).
• A moisturizing serum to bring luminosity to the complexion, the hydration will be reinforced but without fatty substance
• Day cream with SPF 20
• Spraying thermal spring water at the end of the makeup to prolong its hold
• To prevent redness on sensitive and thin skin: a spray of thermal spring water to refresh the face and avoid vascular redness
• To prevent sunburn: a small tube of sun cream, especially for exposed areas, neckline, arms…

Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides

Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Most experts agree on the same point: don’t pop your blackheads and pimples. It’s better to hide them, or else beware of redness and marks!

Another mistake is testing new cosmetics on the wedding day. It is strongly advised to use products that the skin is used to. This prevents possible local intolerance reactions and redness.

Now all you have to do is following these tips to get beautiful skin on your wedding day!

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