Microblading Before and After Care

microblading before and after care

Eyebrows are certainly one of the very important parts of the face for a symmetrical and attractive appearance. Basically, the eyebrows can affect how your face looks to a great extent and they can even impact your facial expression. To create a natural and beautiful eyebrow look, microblading can be an excellent option. In order to get good results with this procedure, carrying out a proper microblading before and after care process is crucial. On this post we are going to take a deep look into this procedure and see what you should and shouldn’t do before and after microblading. 

microblading before and after care

What is Microblading? 

Before we begin to discuss the microblading before and after care process, let’s take a look at what microblading is and why it is done. Simply put, microblading is a partially permanent form of makeup that is applied over the eyebrow area in order to create a certain look. If you are looking to get a less permanent procedure done on your eyebrows, you can get makeup london services from Sheer Bliss London.

While it is generally seen somewhat similar to tattooing, it is not exactly like a tattoo. Because microblading is not completely permanent and is expected to last around 12 to 30 months. If you are planning to get microblading services, you may want to know about how it is done, as well as what to do before and after the procedure. 

How is Microblading Procedure Carried Out? 

In case you want to get your eyebrow area microbladed, learning about this whole process may be useful. This includes microblading before and after care process as well as how this procedure is actually carried out. First of all, the natural shape and condition of the eyebrow area is examined and the measurements are done. After this, the new design is drawn over the area and the microblading process can start. During this process, feeling a little bit of discomfort is possible. When the microblading process is finally done, a good aftercare process must be carried out. 

Is Microblading Before and After Care Hard? 

For people with sparse eyebrows or eyebrow loss issue, microblading can be a wonderful choice to get a better eyebrow look. In addition to this, for those who want to change the appearance of their eyebrows or have more prominent eyebrows, this can be a viable option, too. But if you are considering this procedure, you may be curious whether microblading before and after care is hard or not. Basically, by following a few simple rules for a while it is possible to carry out these processes easily. So before and aftercare for microblading is not difficult. 

microblading before and after care

What to Expect Before and After Microblading? 

Since eyebrows can affect your facial appearance to a large degree, the aesthetical effects of microblading can be quite apparent. Microblading is a procedure that can be done in a variety of situations to create a more natural and good-looking eyebrow appearance. The results of microblading can greatly improve the facial appearance of the person receiving it. Basically, microblading creates a fuller, more natural and impressive look for eyebrows. So there can be a striking change after microblading. 

The Importance of Microblading Before and After Care 

During the microblading procedure, semi-permanent microblading ink is used and it is applied with the use of a microblading pen that is specifically for this purpose. Since ink is used and it is a delicate procedure, aftercare is very important to ensure the success of the process. In addition to this, without proper aftercare, microblading can cause infection around the area as well. Just like the aftercare process, what you do and don’t do before microblading can be important, too. So now let’s take a look at microblading before and after care processes in order to know how they are carried out. 

Things to Do Before the Microblading Procedure 

There are some important things to do before the microblading procedure in order to ensure that it goes as expected and the results are achieved successfully. For instance, before microblading you should avoid working out and doing any activity that causes you to sweat for around two days. Moreover, direct exposure to sunlight and procedures like botox and fillers should be avoided, too. Also certain medications should be discontinued before microblading, but you should remember to discuss this with your physician beforehand. You can get microblading services at our beauty center, Sheer Bliss London, and get more detailed information on what to do before microblading. 

microblading before and after care

Microblading Aftercare Steps 

Aside from things to do and avoid before microblading, another important part of microblading before and after care is surely the aftercare process. For one thing, you shouldn’t let the eyebrow area get wet after microblading for about a week. In addition to this, after microblading, you shouldn’t wear make up for a week, too. Another important part of microblading aftercare is to protect your eyebrow area from any kind of physical impact, even your hair making contact with the area. Moreover, make sure to follow your microblading technician’s advice on applying a specific cream on the area during this process to support healing. 

What Should You Not Do Before and After Microblading? 

During the microblading before and after care processes, it is important to avoid certain things. Both before and after microblading, you should make sure to avoid getting your eyebrow area wet. This includes avoiding sweating as well as areas such as saunas and pools. Moreover, some procedures like botox can interfere with microblading and they should be avoided for a while, too. Basically, by following a couple of simple rules before and after microblading, you can easily carry out these processes. In order to get more detailed information about things to do and avoid before and after microblading, don’t forget to listen to your microblading technician’s advice. 

Have an Easy and Convenient Microblading Experience at Sheer Bliss London Beauty Center 

While microblading before and after care is important for a good microblading service experience, where you get it is very crucial as well. At Sheer Bliss London, we provide our customers with a great microblading experience. If you want to get your eyebrows microbladed, don’t forget to check out our beauty center. 

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