Everything You Need to Know About Laser Pre Care & After Care

A dermatologist will typically use laser hair removal as a professional procedure to help get rid of unwanted hair as it is quick, easy and economical. Focused laser beams kill the hair follicles’ strands by aiming them at them. 

In a research review for 2020, long-pulsed laser technology has advanced to the point that this treatment can now be used on skin tones other than light skin and dark hair. It is a non-surgical procedure effective for all hair types. Moreover, it treats the face, underarms, legs, bikini area, men’s chest and back. 

Based on your skin and hair colours, as well as your hair texture, your doctor will choose the ideal lasers to employ. Although technology has advanced, laser hair removal is still a challenging procedure that needs close attention to aftercare. After the surgery, how you take care of your skin might lower the possibility of adverse effects and potential harm. Let’s look at what to do before your session and how to care for your body afterwards.

Everything You Need to Know About Laser Pre Care & After Care

Pre Care of Laser Hair Removal

Prior to treatment, any treated areas should be fully shaven. Shave your legs at least 24 hours before your visit to avoid irritation. Waxing, tweezing, epilation, or using chemical depilatories should be avoided for two weeks before treatment. Because the laser targets the hair root, it must be present for the therapy to be successful. Shaving is the only method of hair removal suggested throughout your treatments.

Dress in loose-fitting garments that expose the treated skin. This is due to the fact that topical skin-soothing lotions are used as part of the therapy. Wearing abrasive, tight, ill-fitting clothing is unpleasant and can interfere with the treatment area.

Before the session, avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking. If you drink alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment, your skin may be more sensitive than usual, making the process more unpleasant. If you have alcohol in your system, you may experience additional difficulties during laser hair removal. Smoking constricts our blood vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen in our blood. This can prolong healing from injuries, which is undesirable for people having laser hair removal.

Drink at least 1 litre of water the day before and on the day of treatment; this will assist your body in maintaining an average temperature.

Arrive early at the clinic to allow yourself time to relax before your appointment.

Avoid activity and hot showers/saunas for the next 24-48 hours. Your hair follicles will be susceptible, so avoid any action that may cause you to sweat or warm up your skin. Sweat contains microorganisms that can irritate delicate hair follicles, resulting in a rash or skin illness.

After cleansing, avoid applying any skincare products (including moisturizer). Moisturizers, creams, lotions, or oils, as well as sweat or other dirt, can hinder the laser from reaching the root. Bring clean, dry skin to your appointment.

Sun exposure should be minimized before and after laser treatments for the best outcomes. Laser hair removal performs nicely on untanned skin and hair that has not been sun-bleached.

There are some laser types that we use for our customers. One of them is the Cutera laser. Cutera hair removal products allow practices the ability to treat a wide range of hair types on people with all skin types. 

Our flagship laser hair removal platform, the excel HR, has two wavelengths for the most cutting-edge hair removal currently available. Cutera was the first to develop a high-powered Nd:YAG laser for hair removal. It is our second evolution in laser hair removal technology that comes with the introduction of Excel HR.

Pre Care of Laser Hair Removal

Moreover, Excel HR is a leading high-volume hair removal platform with two established wavelengths for safe and successful treatments on all skin and hair types, as well as the ability to treat veins, pigment, and skin renewal difficulties.

The second laser type we use for our customers is Soprano ice laser.The Soprano ICETM laser, a tried-and-true method of almost painless hair removal, can be used year-round to safely treat all skin types, including tanned skin, and most hair types, including thin hair. Red hair cannot be treated. 

Additionally, Soprano ICETM with SHR Technology has the highest coverage rate in the industry, which for our clients means quicker treatment times! For example, treatment for a full leg rather than taking hours can be done in just 30 minutes. This is because the In-Motion approach, rather than looking for specific chromophores at the hair root, collectively warms up and deactivates all the hair roots within a grid.

Additionally, a light and better ergonomic design means smaller, more difficult-to-treat areas like the eyebrows, nose, and ears can be treated with SOPRANO ICETM, and because it is nearly painless, treatments for delicate areas like the bikini line, underarm, back, or chest are now perfectly comfortable.

After Care of Laser Hair Removal

As stated before, it is crucial to avoid sun exposure for the best outcomes. Sun exposure can be any UV light, such as direct sunlight, sunbeds, or self-tans. Please avoid using any sun exposure for a minimum of two weeks after treatment. The amount of skin darkening can be reduced by doing this.

In order to prevent skin sensitivity after laser hair removal, refrain from taking a hot shower or bath for 48 hours.

When cleaning, avoid scrubbing or using too much direct pressure, as this can cause damage that would otherwise be avoidable. Dry the treated skin with a towel or rag in gentle dabbing motions.

You should avoid going to the gym for at least 48 hours after your treatment. It is best to avoid exercising to prevent skin irritation and blisters.

After Care of Laser Hair Removal

Please avoid swimming immediately following laser hair removal. Because your skin will be sensitive for 24-48 hours after laser hair removal, it is critical to keep it protected.

Dermatologists advise waiting at least 24 hours after laser hair removal before applying makeup, as the treated area may become extremely sensitive, resulting in an allergic reaction.

Do not use fragranced or perfumed lotions or perfumes in the treatment area, which can cause skin irritation, redness, or discolouration. If you’ve had laser hair removal, don’t use deodorant on your underarms.

If blistering or crusting occurs, please avoid scratching the treated area. Scratching can result in scars, so please be cautious.

Waxing, threading, or tweezing out hairs disrupts their development phase, therefore wiping out the removal therapy you just underwent. It could reduce the efficacy of subsequent treatments.

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