Best Haircare Routine in the Summer

Best Haircare Routine in the Summer

Now that the summer has begun, you may notice some negative changes on your hair even though you are doing your regular haircare routine. This can be due to the hot weather conditions affecting your hair and scalp in a different way than in other seasons. So you may want to follow different steps while you are doing your haircare routine in the summer. Here are some tips to create the best haircare routine in summer!

What is the Correct Hair Care Routine?

The first thing you need to know about creating the correct haircare routine in summer for yourself is you need to create a custom routine for your hair. Because everyone’s hair is different to a degree. There can be lots of features of your hair that may make it require a different type of care. For instance, the correct haircare routine for someone with curly hair would not be correct for someone with straight hair. Moreover, finding the right products that work for you can take some time, too. So the first step of creating the correct haircare routine is recognizing your hair’s needs.

Difference Between Haircare During Summer vs Other Seasons

Along with summer, many peeople start going to pools and beaches to have some fun time. In pools, there are chemicals such as chlorine which can make your hair dry. Moreover, the salt in the sea water can cause damage on your hair. Besides these factors, there is also lots of sun exposure going on that you might need to protect your hair from, just like your skin. So you may need to make some changes on your haircare routine due to these reasons in the summer.

Use the Best Haircare Routine Tips in Summer to Have Gorgeous Hair

Best Haircare Routine in the Summer

Even though everyone’s hair is different, there are some tips that can work for most hair types, which can make your hair shine during the summer. Here are some tips for your hair care routine in the summer.

  1. Exfoliate:

A healthy scalp leads to a healthy hair. In order to have a healthy scalp, it is important to exfoliate it, just like your skin. To exfoliate your scalp, you can use a brush and rub it to your scalp gently before you wash your hair. This can open the pores in your scalp and promote hair growth.

  1. Shampoo:

Cleaning your hair thoroughly is very important if you want to have gorgeous hair. To clean your hair, you need to find the right shampoo for your hair. You can take a look at sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free shampoo options to do that. It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. Two times a week would be enough.

  1. Condition:

Conditioning after shampoo can be necessary to have soft hair. It can also make it easier to comb your hair if you use conditioner first.

  1. Comb:

Combing hair is an everyday thing for many people. But you should know how and when to do it, in order to do it right. For instance, if your hair is fried off due to bleach, you wouldn’t want to comb your hair when its wet. Because you may lose a lot of hair.

Should I Oil My Hair in Summer?

Oiling hair can be a really nice step to add to your haircare routine in the summer. But there are some things that you should be careful about while oiling your hair in summer. Since it can get very hot in the summer, your scalp can sweat more than usual. When sweat combines with the oil you put on your hair, it can clog the pores on your scalp.

So when you oil your hair in summer, try not to leave it for too long to let your hair breathe. Moreover don’t forget to shampoo your hair while it is still dry first to get rid of all the oil on your hair especially if you are using oils that are very sticky such as coconut oil.

Which Shampoo is Best for Hair in Summer?

Best Haircare Routine in the Summer

As it was mentioned before, shampooing your hair is a very important step of a haircare routine in the summer. Since your hair can get extra dry in summer, you may want to use moisturizing, sulfate-, paraben- and silicon-free shampoos. But keep in mind that too much moisture on your hair can cause moisture overload, which means your hair needs more protein. To avoid that, you will need to keep the balance between protein and moisture products to have the haircare routine in summer that works for you the best.

How Can I Protect My Hair in Summer Heat?

Protecting your hair from any kind of damage such as heat is the key point to make your hair healthy through your haircare routine in the summer. First and foremost, you need to know that your hair needs protection from the sun, just like your skin does. So when you are going out when the UV rays of the sun are the strongest, you can use UV protectant hair products on your hair.

If there is one thing that you need to avoid in your haircare routine in the summer, then it is using heat on it. Avoid straightening your hair at home in the summer. If you really need to straighten your hair by yourself, avoid straightening the same piece of hair more than once since it can damage your hair. But one of the safest options for it if you want glowing hair in summer can be getting a blow&dry at our beauty center, Sheer Bliss London.

Get Healthier and Better Looking Hair in Summer with Conditioning Treatments at Sheer Bliss London

If you want to level up your haircare routine in the summer, you can follow the tips that we have shared in this post. Also, you may want to get some conditioning treatment as well. Because conditioning treatments can make your hair healthier and softer in the summer. Especially people who have a lot of split ends and breakage on their hair should definitely consider conditioning treatments as an option. If you want to get a conditioning treatment, you can come to Sheer Bliss London and enjoy an amazing experience here.

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